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December 20, 2023 – Kirkland, WA – Spectrum Effect® announced today that its industry-leading automated AI-driven analysis of RF interference solution, Spectrum-NET®, is now deployed or under contract for imminent deployment across more than 6 million NR and LTE cells globally.

Spectrum-NET possesses the most accurate and extensive ML-trained CNN models for RF interference detection, classification, and mitigation. As the most widely deployed RF interference mitigation solution in the world, Spectrum-NET taps into a growing ML training pipeline of over 1 billion hours of RF interference labeled data.

“Reaching 6 million cells is a significant milestone that underscores the trust mobile network operators place in Spectrum Effect and the abundant business value that Spectrum-NET delivers to their networks,” commented Charles Immendorf, Spectrum Effect CEO. “This accomplishment fuels the further advancement of our solution to the benefit of all our customers and enables us to extend our thought leadership beyond RF interference into the spectrum coexistence space.”

The company anticipates this deployment to surge beyond 12 million NR and LTE cells by the end of 2024, solidifying Spectrum-NET’s position as a true industry leader in applications for mobile networks.

About Spectrum Effect

Spectrum Effect’s mission is to solve the most challenging and costly problems in the wireless industry through innovation and automation. With a passion for disruptive technologies and engineering excellence, Spectrum Effect has created Spectrum-NET, the industry’s leading solution for the automated ML-driven analysis and mitigation of RF interference. With Spectrum-NET, operators across the globe are rapidly addressing RF interference, improving network KPIs, surgically deploying their field assets, gaining insights into spectral efficiency, and saving significant OPEX and CAPEX.



Cara Mormino for Spectrum Effect,