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June 28, 2023 – Kirkland, USA — Spectrum Effect® announced today the release of RFI Explorer, an innovative way to navigate RF interference affecting mobile networks. RF Interference (RFI) is the primary contributor to diminished User Quality of Experience (QoE) in mobile networks.

RFI Explorer is available exclusively within the Rainier Edition of Spectrum-NET, the industry’s leading AI-driven solution for automated analysis and mitigation of RF interference.

With RFI Explorer, operators can instantly find and prioritize interference events in their networks based on a matrix of factors, including site value, cell load, number of users, KPI impact, and interference levels. With a clear view of interference locations and sources, operators can target and quickly resolve their most pressing interference issues.

“RFI Explorer is the product of years of intensive work with mobile operators solving thousands of RF interference cases,” stated Jina Choi, Spectrum Effect Director of Product Management. “Operators need to make daily decisions about how best to apply limited resources. RFI Explorer is a true game changer for prioritizing, targeting, and resolving RF interference efficiently, enabling operators to deliver a superior QoE to their subscribers.”

About Spectrum Effect

Spectrum Effect’s mission is to solve the most challenging and costly problems in the wireless industry through innovation and automation. With a passion for disruptive technologies and engineering excellence, Spectrum Effect has created Spectrum-NET, the industry’s leading solution for the automated ML-driven analysis and mitigation of RF interference. With Spectrum-NET, operators across the globe are rapidly addressing RF interference, improving network KPIs, surgically deploying their field assets, gaining insights into spectral efficiency, and saving significant OPEX and CAPEX.



Cara Mormino for Spectrum Effect,