June 8, 2021 – KIRKLAND, WA — Spectrum Effect® today announced the Deep Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) models contained in the latest release of Spectrum-NET are achieving the highest accuracy ever measured for classifying and aggregating RF interference.

Spectrum-NET performs automated, machine learning-driven analysis of RF interference, which enables operators to rapidly and effectively mitigate RF interference. Spectrum-NET contains an RF interference classification library of Deep CNN models that have been trained with labeled measurement examples from mobile operator networks across the globe. The Spectrum-NET CNN models classify various interference sources such as PIM, CATV egress, WiMAX, DECT, BDA’s and TDD self-interference.

The measured accuracy of the latest versions of the Spectrum-NET CNN models is greater than 92% (top 1) and 98% (top 2).

“The cost of RF interference to mobile operators is substantial today and these costs are increasing significantly as operators deploy 5G NR”, commented Spectrum Effect CEO, Charles Immendorf. “Our latest CNN models are another major step in the advancement of Spectrum-NET and will enable operators to save more OPEX while driving further network performance improvements.”


About Spectrum Effect

Spectrum Effect has pioneered a new approach for mobile operators to mitigate harmful RF interference through innovative machine learning-driven analysis of mobile network data. Spectrum Effect’s R&D is located in Kirkland, Washington USA, and Monterrey, Mexico. Spectrum Effect’s fast-paced culture is a blend of strong innovation, industry best practices, and a collective passion for developing disruptive technologies that deliver significant customer value. Spectrum Effect’s state-of-the-art Spectrum-NET software solution automatically identifies and locates RF interference sources. Protected by 25 issued patents, Spectrum-NET operates continuously and seamlessly for all RF bands across multi-vendor NR, LTE and UMTS layers within a mobile network. With Spectrum-NET, operators across the globe are rapidly addressing RF interference, improving network KPIs, surgically deploying their field assets and saving significant OPEX. www.spectrumeffect.com.


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