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September 4, 2018 – KIRKLAND, WA — Spectrum Effect®,

a pioneer in RF spectrum analytics, today announced the successful trial of its revolutionary Spectrum-NET™ machine learning solution with Northeast Wireless Networks.

Spectrum-NET automatically detects, characterizes, locates and assesses the impact of external and unintended internal RF interference in mobile networks. Spectrum-NET operates seamlessly across multi-vendor LTE and UMTS networks on a continual basis without service interruption or dependency on external probes.

“Spectrum-NET has proven valuable for us, clearly identifying interference events and equipping us to improve our network quality, coverage and performance,“ stated Trevor Oster, EVP Engineering and Operations at Northeast Wireless Networks. “We are very impressed with Spectrum-NET and the results that were achieved.”

“Northeast Wireless Networks is a fast-moving, entrepreneurial operator that has been helpful for our advancement of Spectrum-NET. We will soon be concluding trials with ten additional mobile operators across the globe and look forward to sharing key findings with the mobile industry. You will not want to miss what Spectrum-NET has found,” commented Spectrum Effect CEO, Frank J. DeJoy.

Spectrum Effect will be conducting a webinar in Q4 to share insights from recent Operator Network Trials in Asia, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

About Spectrum Effect

Spectrum Effect has pioneered a new approach for mobile operators to mitigate harmful RF interference through innovative machine learning-driven analysis of mobile network data. Spectrum Effect’s R&D is located in Kirkland, Washington USA, and Monterrey, Mexico. Spectrum Effect’s fast-paced culture is a blend of strong innovation, industry best practices, and a collective passion for developing disruptive technologies that deliver significant customer value. Spectrum Effect’s state-of-the-art Spectrum-NET software solution automatically identifies and locatjavascript:noop();es RF interference sources. Protected by 25 issued patents, Spectrum-NET operates continuously and seamlessly for all RF bands across multi-vendor NR, LTE and UMTS layers within a mobile network. With Spectrum-NET, operators across the globe are rapidly addressing RF interference, improving network KPIs, surgically deploying their field assets and saving significant OPEX.


About Northeast Wireless Networks

Northeast Wireless Networks designs, builds, operates and owns wholesale shared access cellular networks in rural markets throughout the US and acquires and leases wireless spectrum.

Currently focused on the Maine and New Hampshire markets, Northeast Wireless develops networks and serves as a wholesale network operator in other under-served rural markets in Maine and New Hampshire.

By developing and deploying shared-access wholesale networks, Northeast Wireless provides cellular operators with cost effective coverage by combining multiple technology types. Northeast Wireless is deploying a HSPA+ 4G network utilizing the most advanced, scalable microwave backhaul supported by a high-speed fiber optic network.


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